Clayes House Restoration Receives Funding

The Sarah Clayes House Trust is pleased to announce that several of their members are providing the financing for the restoration of the Sarah and Peter Clayes house at 657 Salem End Rd. in Framingham. Work on the property is proceeding under the direction of E.J. Murphy and Company of Framingham. Owner, Ned Murphy, has extensive experience in renovating period properties and completion is scheduled for spring 2018 when the house will be put on the market for sale as a private residence. A condition of sale will be a preservation restriction that will ensure the protection of key historic elements of the home in perpetuity.

Efforts to preserve and protect this historically significant house have been underway since the house was abandoned over 15 years ago. Many people have contributed time and funding toward the preservation of this property. Those contributions have allowed the house to withstand abandonment, vandalism, demolition by neglect, and a tangled web of ownership. We would not be on the verge of full restoration of this property without these contributions.

In 2008, the Sarah Clayes Historic District was established providing the Framingham Historic District commission oversight on exterior changes to the house. The plans for the current restoration were presented to and approved by the Framingham Historic District Commission at their last meeting on July 11, 2017. The restoration will be fully documented and can be followed at A film crew from Framingham High School will record the work for the production of a documentary on the project. For further information on the project email

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